Here’s a quick treat for my readers while I travel – some insight from Guest Blogger Amanda Collier!  By the way, don’t feel pressured to pump some serious iron in the gym every day.  Strength training can include movements you perform daily, like lifting a bag of groceries, a pet, or taking the stairs.  Sneak a little more exercise into your day by carrying out these actions a few more times and don’t forget to use proper body mechanics!  Boom – you’ve done some strength training.

Full disclosure: it’s been tough to keep up with our training as we travel and we sure miss it!  The awesome vibes you feel from working out are legit so reward yourself with a good session. 🙂

6 Reasons to Strength Train Every Day

Strength training is often thought of as something done by body builders, but it can boost health and wellness in many ways. The stereotypical image of a muscle bound lifter doing strength training exercises is beginning to fade as people from all walks of life start to realize the benefits. Strength training can help most people to look and feel better, so doing a little strength training each day may improve the overall quality of life.

  1. Strength Training Builds Muscle

The most obvious benefit of strength training is that is helps with building muscle. When muscles are stronger, daily tasks become easier. This can help people with injuries to recover faster and can increase the capabilities of healthy individuals. Toned muscles look good, but even simply getting out of bed becomes easier when muscles are stronger. Strength training a little each day will condition the body.

  1. Metabolism May Get a Boost

Muscles take a larger number of calories to maintain than fat. This means that as body weight is converted from fat to muscle, the body naturally burns calories quicker. The body also burns calories at a faster rate during strength training, which continues for a while after the workout session. Strength training every day may help to keep the metabolism running faster.

  1. Weight May Become Easier to Control

When combined with a healthy diet, strength training can help with weight loss and weight control better than other types of exercise. Maintaining a healthy weight can be beneficial to health and may help boost confidence. By decreasing the excess weight that must be carried each day, individuals may also start to feel more energetic and comfortable.

  1. Can Help with Disease and Injury Prevention

Strength training not only strengthens muscles, but also ligaments, bones, and tendons as the body adapts to lifting or holding weight in certain ways. Strengthening these can help prevent tears, strains, and breaks. Strength training has also been linked to lower incidence of conditions like arthritis, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. Since strength training can help to reduce disease and injury risks, some health insurance companies may help pay for gym memberships where strength training is offered, as an added bonus.

  1. May Help Boost Mood

Strength training causes the body to release endorphins, which helps to naturally boost the mood. Since working out is something that many people feel is beneficial, just the act of strength training may also feel productive. As the body begins to show the results of strength training, it can boost confidence and further impact mood on a daily basis.

  1. Sleep May Come Easier

Any type of exercise can help to promote restful sleep, but strength training in particular has shown to help individuals fall asleep easily and stay asleep. Since strength training can help to control weight, strength training may help to prevent issues like sleep apnea that can affect sleep. The mood and emotional benefits of strength training may help to combat stress-related insomnia. Since strength training tires the muscles, the body may also induce sleep to help repair the muscles after strength training daily.

Guest Blogger Amanda Collier is a young freelance writer who is emerging into the internet marketing realm, specializing in the fitness, nutrition and healthcare industry. She frequently blogs for clients, both on and off-site, as a means of growing an audience while simultaneously fulfilling SEO goals. When not at her desk, Amanda can be found volunteering at long-term care facilities, dangling from rocks at the climbing gym, or hiking with her beloved pup Shadow.

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PS By the way always check with your primary healthcare provider to make sure that any of the above suggestions don’t interfere negatively with your healthcare program!