How many times have you had the best of intentions to make that workout happen but then for whatever reason it just never did? Maybe something else came up, you didn’t feel that great, or you just ran out of time. Sure there are situations where it’s just not possible to fit that workout in, but below are some foolproof tricks to help guarantee that you work up a sweat.

Make a date with exercise in your planner

When you schedule your week with the time for workouts carved out, you’re more likely to attend. You commit yourself to other important events like dinners and meetings, why not schedule this imperative thing into your week too? Rather than leaving that blank space in your calendar where you could be persuaded to do something else, write that workout down in ink. Think about including workout sessions when you plan your week.

Sweat it out first thing

Evenings can be chaotic and unpredictable. Work runs late, there are commitments with kids, family, coworkers, extracurricular activities, you get tired, or unpredictable things occur. Avoid pushing off your workout because of any craziness by squeezing in that workout early in the morning. Just think of how awesome you’ll feel the rest of the day knowing that you already did something so good for yourself and you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you!

Get a trainer or a workout buddy

Accountability is absolutely central to maintaining a healthy workout schedule. That other person can even be someone that you check in with to let them know that you did your part. Knowing that you made a commitment (time and/or financial) ensures that you’re way more likely to follow through and make that workout take place. Let’s be honest, we typically push ourselves way harder when someone else is involved!

Keep workout clothes close by

The more barriers you can remove between you and your workout, the better. Keep a set of workout clothes in your office, maybe in your car, or lay them out by your bed the night before so that you have one less excuse. You’ll never have to say, “I would but I forgot clothes and shoes!” ever again!

Make it social

Instead of meeting friends for just happy hour or just brunch, suggest taking a walk, trying a new class, or going for a run together first. Talk about being efficient with your time! Having that other person with you will make the workout more fun, allow you to catch up or do business, and will help keep you responsible for getting that workout in.

Make your gym schedule less negotiable

Many of us tend to say yes to almost everything that’s offered our way. When this happens we’re more likely to skip our workouts because we’re pulled in so many other directions. Instead of letting other commitments that you’re not so passionate about take your precious time, devote that time to exercise and don’t feel sheepish about it. Take pride in conveying to others that a healthy lifestyle is a priority to you. You’ll be better at fulfilling all the roles in your life – partner, mother, wife, girlfriend, coworker, boss, friend, or daughter – if you’re physically healthy and mentally clear.

You can make those workouts happen, it just takes some simple and foolproof tricks. What are some of your methods for ensuring you get your sweat on?

Laissez les bons temps roulez et bonne santé,



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Photo credit: Korey Johnson of Korey Kaptures Imaging

PS By the way always check with your primary healthcare provider to make sure that any of the above suggestions don’t interfere negatively with your healthcare program!