Finally home after a week and a half on the road!

In today’s world where there are a million brands to choose from for just about anything, it can be tough to discern what’s worth your money and time.  I’ve tried quite a bit of what’s out there (in other words I’ve put it through some break off, tough, and sweaty workouts.  Trust me, haha!) and here’s what I’m liking now:

  1. Nike: this is self-explanatory.  They’ve been around forever and are synonymous with athleticism for a reason.  TIP: try their Nike Free shoes for gym workouts, all leggings for any activity, and their workout jackets.
  2. Old Navy: I know you might be surprised to see this one on my list, but they earned it.  Their prices are right and their goods perform.  TIP: try their workout tights (they’re flattering on vertically challenged gals like me by making legs look long, yay!), tanks and jackets.
  3. Zella: you might not be familiar with this brand, but you can find it at Nordstrom.  Their stuff is high quality, it lasts (trust me because I’ve worn their leggings about 5,000 times), and it’s really cute.  I’ve even dressed these leggings up with a shirt for a night out.  TIP: get their reversible leggings which make those times you’re rushing to get dressed for the gym less stressful!
  4. Lululemon: I have to be honest here, I only own one thing from Lulu because I’m, hmm, let’s say, “savvy” (aka cheap.  I spend on travel and food!).  But I hear people rave about their products endlessly and say they’re worth the price.  TIP: invest in a Vinyasa scarf as it is THE perfect accessory for not only chilly days before/during/after a workout, but also everyday life AND traveling.  This will be your go to accessory for the chillier months!  And you can wash it!!!
  5. Under Armour: UA has been around for a long time because their stuff is good.  It is built to last, engineered for better workouts, and is cute.  Their “I Will What I Want” campaign is pretty inspirational too.  TIP: try their Armour sports bra collection which has bra styles for all your different workouts because no two days and no two workouts are alike.

If it’s not broken then don’t fix it.  However sometimes a new pair of shoes or workout clothes are just what you need to get more motivated, feel good about yourself, and get a better workout in.  Whatever works to help you make it happen!

What are your favorite brands to wear when you get your sweat on?  Comment below!

Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez,