It’s no secret that I love to travel. A lot! Whether it’s a short weekend road trip or a 2 week vacation across the world, I’m always down and definitely have a lifelong case of wanderlust. In fact, I’m writing this post while I’m out of town! It’s one thing to balance travel with your family and work commitments, but it’s another challenge to keep your health and fitness balance in check. Here are my tried and true tips (along with some pictures I’ve taken from the sky….I’m obviously pretty fond of seeing the sky and the world from above!):

-pack your gym clothes! Actually bringing your outfits and shoes means you’re one step closer to squeezing a workout in. To save on space in your luggage, wear your tennis shoes and exercise clothes (thank goodness for the ath-leisure trend making workout clothes totally acceptable). You’ll be more comfortable on the plane, train, or in the car that way too!

Flying past Manhattan on New Year's Eve 2014 - those bright lights in the middle are Times Square

Flying past Manhattan on New Year’s Eve 2014 – those bright lights to the left of the middle are Times Square

-invest in some portable equipment like resistance bands or a TRX. It’s amazing what you can do with just a little equipment that doesn’t take up much space at all.

An early morning flight out of Washington DC...check out the National Mall

An early morning flight out of Washington DC…check out the National Mall

-do your homework! Find a hotel with a gym, ask relatives if there are gyms close by, or see if any hotels have partnerships with gyms. You might be surprised that these days, many hotels offer day passes to nearby gyms! This is also a great opportunity to try out a new class.

The beautiful skies above Colorado

The beautiful skies above Colorado

-get social! Ask your travel partner to join you for a sweat session. You’re more likely to follow through on that workout if you make a commitment to someone.

Flying over Huntington Beach in CA

Flying over Huntington Beach in CA

-ask me to create a personalized workout for you when you travel or set up an online workout with me since we can connect no matter where you are! Or bring some workouts you can do on your own.

Flying over the Andes in Peru

The Andes in Peru

-get creative. Sometimes a little creativity at your destination makes for the best workouts. Be open to exploration whether that includes running through a city and its famous sites, taking advantage of watersports and swimming if they’re available, utilizing the stairs where you’re staying or at a park, or dancing at the wedding reception or at the bar with girlfriends. Once you start looking at your environment from a fitness perspective you’ll see that you have tons of options!

Landing in Mexico City

Landing in Mexico City

-bring a reusable water bottle and your own snacks. Traveling can be dehydrating and EXPENSIVE (especially being at a high altitude) and there are lots of tempting food and beverage options that have little or no nutritional value. Stay on top of your health (and your wallet) by being prepared and bringing your own travel snacks.

Leaving stunning Cape Town, South Africa

Leaving stunning Cape Town, South Africa

-think about things twice. Is that hotel pasta really worth it? It might be totally amazing or it might be completely subpar. Think about your balanced diet and if there’s enough nutritional value in the meal to enjoy it. Oftentimes just a bite or two of that indulgent dish is all you need!

Flying over my hometown <3

Flying over my hometown, on the eastern side of the Mississippi River <3

-be balanced. Think about your health and fitness in a holistic, whole way and try not to think of taking care of yourself as an ON/OFF switch, or being completely on the wagon or completely off the wagon. Instead, aim to have a well-rounded day. If you splurged on a heavier than usual brunch, then try to make healthier choices the remainder of the day. Or if you know that dinner is going to be fabulous, then be smart about what you eat that day leading up to the dinner.


Taking off from the Dominican Republic

-be flexible. Sure you might plan to wake up 3 hours earlier than the group so that you can drive to a local gym and be showered by the time everyone else is up, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of spending quality time with family and friends the night before. It can be tough to burn the candle at both ends and sometimes it’s worth sleeping in so you can feel rested and just stay up with the gang to savor special family moments. Don’t beat yourself up.


Calming early morning skies above Virginia

-enjoy the moment. You never know if you’ll get to this destination again so savor all aspects of your trip!

Laisses les bons temps roulez,


How do you stay healthy + balanced on trips?  Share your tips below, as well as any pretty travel pics 🙂