ReNew You

An 8 week fitness, nutrition, + wellness journey to improving the relationship that’s the most important – the one with yourself

Have you told yourself “the diet starts Monday!” and “THIS week I’ll workout!” a million times but those phrases end up fading into the background because it’s just too much? 

It’s easy to put a deadline on yourself yet find that it’s hard to execute it, especially without accountability.

Have you tried all the diets, are confused about which foods to eat, and still feel like your body hasn’t changed for the better? 

There are way too many rules and restrictions, and the majority of them make you feel like foods are either “good” or “bad”.

Is it challenging to establish a realistic routine that you can maintain because you’re trying to juggle too much, and YOU end up at the bottom of your priority list? 

Your life is full of commitments and the to do list just gets longer and longer.

Do you feel like “if only” sayings creep into your head?  “I’d finally be happy if only I lost 10lb. I’d finally find my life partner if only I felt more confident.  I’d finally feel like I can be comfortable in front of the camera with my kids if only I could fit into size XYZ.  I’d finally wear that dress if I stopped eating those cream cheese bagels.”

Ugh, if ONLY.

Do you have the best of intentions but then feel overwhelmed and give up because life throws you a curveball and you fall off the wagon? 

The unexpected things can definitely make it hard for you to adhere to a plan.

Do you feel like your mind is focused on the negatives in life and it’s tough to push through to find the positives? 

Your internal self talk can definitely drag you down and you say hard things to yourself you’d never say aloud to someone you care about. 

Do you feel like you’re alone in your experience and you can’t relate to others? 

When you don’t have a group of women who know what you’re going through, you feel like you’re riding solo.

Does the time and effort it takes to meal plan, grocery shop, drive to the gym, and plan all of this take way too much?  Do you feel like living a healthy life is just plain inconvenient? 

It’s just so much to manage in addition to everything else you have to do…

I understand how you feel and I totally get it.

This is why I created ReNew You, my 8 week virtual group wellness program.

Now is the best time to join because it’s a new year, with fresh energy, and endless opportunities.

When you wait to take action with fitness + nutrition, you’re left with broken resolutions, unable to make permanent wellness changes, and feeling discouraged about yourself both inside and out.

But this program isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for you if you’re:

*looking for a quick fix

*unwilling to invest time and effort in yourself

*unprepared to dig deep

This is for you if you’re:

*ready to feel and look renewed; strong + confident inside and out!

*excited to reap the benefits of wellness throughout your life

*eager for tangible results that last

And if you want to never again:

*diet, juice cleanse, say no to every yummy sauce and dressing

*start a fitness plan that fizzles out

*feel frustrated that you can’t commit to a healthy lifestyle

ReNew You IS for you if you’re ready to move your body to feel good, eat mindfully to fuel your body, and commit to improving the most relationship in your life – the one with your SELF.

That’s you and you are ready! 

Email to register.

The first 4 people will receive a goodie bag including a printed ReNew You journal, Byld Bar, Vital Proteins collagen peptides, and Athleta discount code.

While Peloton bikes are nearly $2,500 and Soul Cycle classes are $39 each, ReNew You gives you so much more value – 5 sweat sessions a week plus nutrition coaching, a tight knit community, and gratitude practice!  Email for investment information.

Here’s an overview of what the 8 week of ReNew You entails:

•can be done from anywhere worldwide (pause/cancel your gym membership, you don’t need it while we work together!)

•2 live video workouts with me per week

•3 written workouts with video demos you can do anytime per week

•live nutrition discussions

•q+a sessions to debunk the myths and work through the confusing info we see everywhere

•two 1-on-1 deep dive calls with me where we get personal

•private Facebook group community to share, learn, and grow together

•progressive, realistic, fun, educational wellness curriculum that makes sense for your unique lifestyle

•gratitude practice guidance to find joy in life’s everyday moments

•a beautiful printed weekly journal to set goals, note progress, schedule workouts + life

•tons of accountability and support so you’ll stay on track

•an opportunity to meet like-minded women on their wellness journey

•a chance to create the life you deserve that positively impacts others

The program will begin on Monday, February 10th, 2020, which might be when those wellness resolutions start to fade. 😉 

This what you’ve been waiting for and you are worth it.  Give yourself the gift of health this new year!

Laissez les bons temps roulez et bonne santé, 


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