As we get settled back into life in the good old USA after our summer in Europe, I figured it was only fitting to feature fellow travel lover Kerjan Bianca of as this week’s guest blogger!   She has most certainly done her fair share of trekking the globe while staying healthy.  I met Kerjan through my sister and admire how she balances worldwide adventures, eating nutritiously, staying active, and living it up.  Does it get any better than that?

Read on below to get all the deets:

You are living out your dream (and my dream as well!) of traveling the world!  What’s your current location?

Thanks so much! I was most recently in Japan. I spent two weeks there doing a local homestay, visiting temples and eating so much delicious sushi!  

During your travels how have you managed to keep up your fitness routine?

When traveling, I try to walk as much as possible! It’s a great way to stay in shape and see all the sites. That’s my secret: always be moving. In Thailand, I loved hiking and playing in the water. And Bali was great for finding some awesome yoga classes! I find that I’m happiest keeping active outdoors, and it’s a win win when you travel because you get to see more. 

How do you schedule your days so that you can balance exercising and sightseeing?

I find that sightseeing can sometimes be a workout in itself! One day I remember I explored so much that I had hit 20,000 steps on my iPhone. Needless to say, I took it easy the next day 😉 

Also any words of advice when it comes to eating nutritiously around the world but still experiencing the unique cuisines?

Yes! One of my favorite things to do is try all the delicious foods and local culinary delights. Sometimes though, it can be tricky to eat nutritiously everywhere you go. For example, after Thailand and lots of heavy foods, like Pad Thai drenched in oil, I knew I’d have to start making healthier choices! 

I really tried to take advantage of the healthy options everywhere I went. I’m happy I indulged in all the yummy foods, but tried to compensate by taking advantage of all the healthy and delicious local fruits in Thailand, coconuts in the Philippines, and fresh sushi in Japan. I think it’s all about balance. 

What have been your go to travel snacks?

Oooh! I actually love these little rice crackers to snack on. Probably not the healthiest but they’re my fave. Also, I went crazy for coconuts abroad. Coco for coconuts if you ask me 🙂 

What travel essentials did you bring with you that you couldn’t live without?

A journal! I’m so happy I had a little diary that I could write everything down: little memories, travel ideas, notes, lists. I also am so happy I brought a mini towel (life savor), q-tips, a good universal adapter and a travel debit card by Charles Schwab that doesn’t charge for ATM fees. 

What are some lifestyle tips that you’ve admired and implemented from other cultures?

I’m fascinated by Japanese health and beauty! After I visited, I was enamored by health, wellness and fashion there. 

Things I try to implement now back home:

The Japanese diet is so varied. They are taught to eat 30 different types of foods each day, with meals that harmonize and balance carbs, protein and fat. For example, a Bento Box will include steamed white rice, vegetable, seaweed, egg and grilled fish. You also eat a slower pace with chopsticks which is nice. 

I also brought back so much green tea for all the antioxidants and anti-aging health benefits! 

When I was in Korea, I learned about the importance of skincare. Nearly everyone there has such beautiful skin, which I think is attributed to healthy eating (lots of veggies) and staying out of the sun. I’m learning to implement this back home because their skin was gorgeous! 

Now for the toughest question of them all!  What has been your favorite destination and favorite food so far?

Favorite destination: Bali! The sunsets were so magical. And I absolutely love Ubud, the cultural center of the island that has all the yoga you could dream of! Perfect place for a yoga retreat, the spiritual, cultural and beautiful landscapes. 

Favorite food: Sushi Dai in Tokyo! Omg I will never forget that meal. It was the best of my life. I waited 3 hours to get seated at this tiny little sushi restaurant that seats 10 people. The sushi was so fresh that it literally melts in your mouth! The restaurant also has a Michelin star so you know it’s good. I was so happy after that meal that I was smiling all day. 

Guest Blogger Kerjan Bianca is the travel-blogger of Backpack Babe. She’s been to over 40 countries and recently embarked on a solo journey through South East Asia! She loves sharing travel tips, inspiration and information for like-minded travelers and the girl who is always on-the-go.

Ok, I’m ready to hit the road again!  So many good ideas and inspiration.  What were your favorite takeaways from Kerjan?

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