There are some seriously awesome ones out there that make life so great. Over the years the app world has created some programs that really enhance health and fitness, and here are my 5 faves:

  1. Spotify – I’m sure many of you use Spotify already but for those who don’t, I can’t recommend it any higher. I got the paid version so that I can utilize all the great features it provides, like listening to music downloaded on your phone when you’re not connected to wifi. They have all types of playlists including mood or activity themed music, which I love for times I want to just throw some tunes on and not think about what to put on next.
  2. Pocket WOD – I only use a small portion of what this free app offers and I still love it! My favorite feature is the timer, which has a stopwatch for time, countdown for AMRAPS (as many rounds as possible), interval for EMOM (every minute on the minute), and Tabata. By the way, WOD stands for workout of the day, another CrossFit term. You can also look up workouts and create a paid account to use more of the app which I have yet to do…but overall this is a really great one, regardless if you’re into CrossFit or not. Props to my husband for telling me about Pocket WOD.
  3. Wunderlist – this app is perfect for anyone and thank you to my sister-in-law for turning us onto it! What Wunderlist does is create lists that can be shared among people, which is helpful if you’re at the store and your hubby/partner/friend/parent/etc. needs you to pick up a couple more things. This app updates all the time so it makes grocery shopping (or really any kind of shopping) and any list making a breeze. You can create sharable “to do” lists so that everyone can stay on task, and the beauty is that once you cross the item off the list you can still view it later in another page of the app. Such a lifesaver for those times you can’t remember the one special ingredient needed to make that yummy dish!
  4. POPSUGAR.Active – this app has tons of great on-demand workouts that, though they aren’t personalized to you like yours truly can do, they still are good when you’re in a pinch or need some workout inspiration. They have videos and written guides that offer so many options. I’ve been known to do a POPSUGAR. Active workout in our living room in the wee hours before a flight and before the gym opens so that I still get my sweat on that day! So convenient.
  5. POPSUGAR.Healthy Living – I love reading articles about all things health related and this app certainly delivers! You can find recipes, lifestyle articles, workouts, health hacks….basically it’s a myriad of good health stuff. I learn something new each time I check it out!

What are some of your favorite apps that facilitate, complement, and enhance your healthy life?

Laissez les bons temps roulez et bonne santé,



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PS By the way always check with your primary healthcare provider to make sure that any of the above suggestions don’t interfere negatively with your healthcare program!