Hope your first week of 2016 is going well!

I’ve come across people who, when the subject of personal training, health, or fitness come up, their response is something along the lines of it being too expensive or requiring too much time.  For some people, it truly is not financially realistic for them or they simply do not have any extra moments to spend on something else. 

However if you do have a teensy bit of time and a little extra money but are just spending it elsewhere, consider some of these points below: 

-what could be a better investment than your health?  Without good health, it can be difficult or impossible to enjoy your income, your other investments, your family, or your other treasured items.  We all take our health for granted when it’s good but what happens when it’s not good?

-getting healthier and taking better care of yourself has a ripple effect.  Not only does it benefit you physically (hello muscle tone and better fitting clothes!) but it affects your overall mood, tons of other things discussed here in one of my favorite articles, and often encourages you to adopt other healthier habits, which has an impact on absolutely everyone you interact with in your life.  Plus for all you parents of all ages, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be healthier and able to provide for your children and engage with them for as long as possible?  By seizing the opportunity to improve your health you’re giving your kids (and everyone) with a fabulous example of how to live life to the fullest.  Everyone wins!!!

-you and your health are worth the financial and time investment.  You can’t put a price on confidence, health, and self-esteem, or on the way you feel when your body starts to respond to training.  And even though they are the toughest to measure, these qualities are the real reasons why few people ever regret spending money on a personal trainer/healthy lifestyle coach.

-figure out what you’re spending unnecessary money on that could go towards your health and wellness.  Are you buying a few too many things, such as clothes?  Restaurants and alcohol (which tend to be way less healthy than you’d imagine)?  Getting your nails done weekly?  Frequent Starbucks trips?  Makeup?  There are countless ways to spend your hard earned funds unwisely that have very little short- or long-term return on investment.  There are times when you simply cannot make the commitment financially due to very understandable reasons, but take some time to think what expenses aren’t really contributing to your health.  Sure having freshly manicured nails and the stylish clothes make you feel good, but you know what will make you feel ever better – a fully functioning, confident, healthy body.  To save up extra funds, try swapping clothes with a friend, having a girls’ night where you go for a walk/run and then do each other’s nails, and make a healthy and delicious dinner with friends.  That will enable quality time with your favorites pals and save money to put towards investing in your health!

-figure out where you’re spending your time.  We all have commitments such as significant others, spouses, family, children, jobs, extracurricular activities, but what can you reduce or eliminate?  Do you spend a lot of time online, on social media, going out to eat, or watching TV?  We all have 24 hours in the day, but think about how you can most effectively use those 24 hours.  Schedule your priorities.  If it’s worth it to you and matters, you’ll find a way to make it happen. 

Here are some more reasons why training and healthy lifestyle coaching is totally worth it:

provides accountability.  You make both a financial commitment and a time commitment to your trainer/healthy lifestyle coach…which makes you more likely to follow through!

teaches you how to do the correct exercises and how to eat healthier, the correct way, at the correct times

provides variation and reduces boredom, which keeps your mind and your body engaged

inspires you to do things you most likely wouldn’t do on your own.  Hello intensity AND gains!

provides encouragement to avoid burnout, which helps you achieve your goals

makes it easy on you.  All you have to do is show up prepared with water and ready to work, wherever you are

Email me to get started!  I would love to be your coach to begin your balanced and healthy lifestyle journey.  There is no reason to wait any longer and today is the perfect time!

Laissez les bons temps roulez et bonne santé (aka Let the good times roll in good health),


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