Happy New Year! If you over imbibed on the holiday cocktails from my Christmas Day post or stayed up too late, make sure to chug lots of H20, pop some headache meds, and recuperate with healthy foods instead of heavy, greasy ones. Trust me on this!

Can’t believe another year has passed and a new one has just begun. The New Year is a chance to review and learn from the previous one, and set intentions and goals for the present one. Most of us have probably set lofty goals in the past, only to lose steam, get frustrated, and revert back to our old ways. We start off super motivated, but something just throws us off and we end up scrapping it all.

I’ve got news for you – 2016 is your year and I’ve got some realistic tips to help you make it happen:

  1. Act Intentionally, Be Present – it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the minutia of our daily lives that we tend to go through the motions without putting much thought into things. In this New Year, instead try to focus on why you’re doing something, how you’ll benefit from it, and how others will as well. Be present in the moment and slow things down to enjoy what you’re doing. Remember, the moments of our lives are always fleeting, both good and bad. And while you’re at it, put that phone down and look around, engage, and participate in your life! I think you’ll find you feel more fulfilled 🙂
  2. Move More – becoming more active is a pretty common resolution, but the majority of people lose momentum after a few weeks. Make this year different! Find an empowering trainer (like yours truly), link up with a workout buddy, sign up for a new class, or Google some free videos. There are so many benefits that result from an active lifestyle that have nothing to do with weight loss (see my post on that topic here), so just think of how great you’ll feel once you start moving more.
  3. Rewrite the Ritual, Break the Old, Bad Habits – we often get trapped or imprisoned by bad habits. This year, reverse the roles and find yourself in control of your habits. For example, if your habit is to nibble on an unhealthy snack with a soda while you open your mail in the kitchen after work by yourself, instead rewrite the ritual by opening the mail in the living room while listening to music with a sparkling water and a handful of veggies with hummus. After a couple times of running through your new ritual, you’ll find that it’s easier to break bad habits and implement healthier ones than you ever thought. You can apply this to any bad habit! Remember, you’re in control here, not your habits.
  4. Try Something New and Focus on What You Really Want – Do you want to take a trip, try a new recipe, or read a book if you never do? We’re somewhat trained to think that what we really want to do in life just isn’t possible. And sure, some outlandish things are probably not going to happen, but you’ll find that with some hard work and creativity, more things are attainable than you ever thought. Have you been dreaming of a big trip? Take a good look at your budget, cut out what really isn’t necessary, and make it happen. Do you really just want to relax and have time to read a book in the evenings? Review your schedule and eliminate the time wasters. Seize the day and do what YOU want!
  5. Be Realistic – we can be so hard on ourselves by creating pressure to lose tons of weight, buy the biggest house, have the most successful job, but take a step back and think about what advice you’d give someone if you heard them lamenting about all this pressure to be perfect and constantly perform. You’d likely tell them to continue to work hard and have goals, but to be kind and patient to yourself. There’s a fine line between totally gunning it and losing the joys of life, and also practicing discipline and patience. Be kind to yourself that’s who you’re destined to be with forever!

Above all else, slow it down, enjoy, work hard, pick yourself up when you’re down, and celebrate the victories. What are your favorite ways to start off the New Year?

Laissez les bons temps roulez et bonne santé,


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