Ya gotta have the right products when you get your sweat on whether you’re inside or outside!  I’ve tried all types of products over the years and put them through all sorts of workouts, and the ones below are my current faves.  Still, I’m always looking for something new to try so let me know what your tried and true sweat-approved products are!

  1. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets – I’m not sure where I’d be if I wouldn’t have discovered these badboys in middle school.  Those who know me have seen me use these sheets forever and know that I’m never without one or two.  They’re perfect for absorbing excess oil throughout the day (for guys and gals alike!) and especially after a workout!  I can’t describe how much I love these!!!
  2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55 – I am a sunscreen fanatic all year round…just because it’s not sunny doesn’t mean those UV rays aren’t hard at work even when you’re driving to workout!  I use this sunscreen daily on whatever skin is exposed and love it because it’s not greasy.  Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of sunscreens and this stuff is the best!  Gets the job done by protecting your skin all day everyday and for outdoor workouts without feeling like a greased up watermelon.
  3. nanoblur by indeed Laboratories – This stuff makes pores and shine disappear which results in amazing looking skin!  It’s an instant skin-perfecting cream that’s perfect for applying before or after workouts to minimize the appearance of sweat for both the ladies and gents (seriously guys, try it).  Nanoblur is a total everyday go to for me and also helps me look presentable despite my sweaty state when I need to run around town after a workout and before I can shower.
  4. Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant & Deodorant Cream – Oh my I have tried so many deodorants over the years including brands for both women and men (I’m a sucker for the smell of men’s products) but this stuff is the best.  It keeps me dry, is gentle for sensitive skin, yet keeps me smelling fresh- despite being unscented.  It lives up to its name!
  5. Peter Thomas Roth Radiant Instant Mineral Brush-On Bronzer Sunscreen SPF 30 – Did I mention that I’m a sunscreen lover?  Sometimes we ladies want to get some sun protection or reapply later in the day but don’t want to slather white cream on over makeup, even if it’s my beloved Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunscreen.  Well worry no more because this is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that not only shields your moneymaker when you’re outside working hard but adds a bit of bronze too.  It doubles as my favorite beachside/poolside product too!

It’s worth using quality products that improve your workouts and life.  Take care of yourself when you get your sweat on!

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