With the holidays around the corner, you’re likely to 1) be traveling, 2) have a jam-packed schedule, and/or 3) be tempted with tasty treats!

Sometimes when you’re traveling and you don’t have time to get outside for a workout (or the weather is blah), head to the local/hotel gym (or your hotel doesn’t even have a gym OR you can’t get a day pass to one), or you’re limited on space when you’re staying (your house is full of loved ones or you’re crashing with loved ones), you gotta make do with what you have to get that workout in!

Here are some quick, bodyweight exercises that you can do in a circuit to get your heart rate up. Try doing these exercises for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between, 5 times through. My tip is to allow a little extra time before you have to jump in the shower to use your time most efficiently!

Here are my 5 fave quick, small space exercises:

  • Pushups: I am a huge pushups fan because they can be modified to accommodate all levels, require only bodyweight, and if done properly, can work the arms, chest, core, booty, and thighs.  You can make things interesting by putting your arms or feet on a chair, the couch, or the bed.   TIP: always focus on correct form when performing pushups. It’s better to modify down a level and do it right than do a more difficult version with poor form.
  • Jumping Jacks: they’ve been popular forever for a reason! These get your heart rate up, don’t take up much space, and can be modified to accommodate everyone. You can switch things up by changing your arm and leg positions (try crossing your feet, pressing your palms together as your move your hands up and down in front of you, and goal posting your arms in and out). TIP: speed these puppies up for a real cardio burst!
  • Slow Bicycle Crunches: these are a great way to target the entire core including the pesky lower abs! Depending on your level, you can modify these so they’re appropriately challenging. TIP: make sure to keep those legs out the whole time and only bring the knees into the chest as you twist to the side. Actively push your entire spine into the ground as much as possible, especially your lower back!
  • Burpees: ah, my favorite butt kicker! These are also very easily modified which makes them great for everyone. You can step into that plank, hop out to it, add a pushup, add a jumping jack, or even a tuck jump! Heck, you can even do a reverse burpee. No room for boredom. TIP: regardless of which variety you choose, be sure to always come into a super tight plank before moving on. It’s crucial to keep that core and booty solid to protect your lower back.
  • Mountain Climbers: everyone loves to hate these! But they’re a great way to hit the core, spike the heart rate, and get those arms too. You can do them super fast to get the blood pumping, or slow them down to really work the abs. TIP: try variations of bringing the opposite knee to the opposite elbow underneath you or bringing the same knee to the same elbow outside of you to really feel the burn.

Make it happen and make it worthwhile!

Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez,


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