I’m on a travel kick! This post is quite relevant because I’m still on the road AND I am constantly craving a healthy little snack. As I’ve discussed, staying healthy while traveling can be tough. But have no fear – there are some smart snacks to throw in your bag whether you’re journeying by plane, train, or automobile:

  1. Raw nuts. These are a fabulous option because they’re small, they travel easily, and you can get great vitamins and nutrients depending on the variety you choose. Read here to get the scoop on which nuts contain which nutrients.  TIP: make sure to get the RAW kind and keep track of your portion sizes!
  2. KIND bars. Love me some KIND bars for their interesting and delicious flavors, being compact, and their mission (I met CEO + Founder Daniel Lubetzky in Orlando last week and he’s a remarkable person). I especially love their KIND Strong bars for a little savory goodness. TIP: Try to get versions that have a similar amount of sugar to protein, gram for gram.  If you can keep that sugar level as low as possible.
  3. Apples. I’m an apple fanatic and love it when I can throw a big, juicy honey crisp into my carry on. Other good travel fruits are raisins, dried unsweetened berries, and bananas. TIP: avoid sweetened dried fruit since that adds unnecessary sugar to your diet.
  4. Fresh veggies. Raw, fresh vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, celery, zucchini, and yellow squash are the perfect travel snacks because they’re super healthy, won’t get beaten up in your bag, and you can almost never have too many veggies! TIP: wash & chop the veggies before you leave home so they’re ready to go when you are.
  5. Homemade snack bars: As I mentioned previously, you gotta watch your nutrition facts/ingredients with bars it comes to snack bars. Sometimes the best way to go is to make your own at home where you can control the ingredients. Trust me, they’re way easier to make than you’d imagine. TIP: try these recipes (from Oh She Glows and The Daily Burn) & then keep an eye on your portion sizes.

See the world, enjoy the moment, and safe travels!

Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez,