I love the healthy living commandments on POPSUGAR Fitness because they are so very true.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a balance of course, and it’s key to be flexible in life, but still it’s important to keep these in mind when living your life.

My idea of balance includes:

  • working out consistently while incorporating rest days
  • eating enough food to keep me satisfied but trying to make sure the foods are natural, unprocessed, whole, healthy, AND delicious
  • feeling like I’m devoting enough time to my business and giving my clients the best service I can
  • getting enough rest (I really struggle on this one…like anyone I don’t do well on little sleep but I’m not good about prioritizing it)
  • intermittent travel (duh!)
  • enough time to devote to keeping the house clean and personal endeavors like reading, cooking, or other hobbies
  • laughing and having fun
  • nurturing relationships with my husband, family, friends, & loved ones
  • keeping one eye on the present and another eye on the future

I admit that I rarely, if ever, achieve a perfect balance in the items above, but I sure try!  Life is a work in progress.  Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy, so it’s worth it to work for it.  I don’t beat myself up if one or more of these items above is out of whack, instead I try to figure out how to get things back in sync.  Am I devoting too much time or effort to one or more thing?  What can I do to get back in the groove?

Life happens and it happens fast.  And to top it off, it’s constantly changing.  I urge you to periodically reevaluate your goals and constantly work towards them.  And don’t forget to give yourself a break to stop and smell the roses.

How do you work towards balance and what makes you feel balanced? Comment below to join in the conversation!

I was totally inspired by POPSUGAR Fitness (love them!) by this blog…please read their full blog post here.